Know No Stranger

I’m jealous of Hoosiers.

Envious of Indianapolis.

First, they get my family.

So, they’ve got that going for them.

Also, there’s this great group called Know No Stranger that my brother Michael is a big part of.

For all of you who are also in my unfortunate situation of being 893 miles away from their stomping grounds, let me give you a bulleted list of what they’re like.

  • Group Bike Rides at night to fantastic Mexican restaurants
  • Kickball open to the public in city green spaces
  • Low budget, all-ages shows with shadow puppets, dancing, music, and no political message
  • Weekly potlucks
  • Making monsters out of Styrofoam and Cardboard
  • Flash mobs to cheer people up
  • Recording a pretty fantastic Christmas Album

It makes me both happy that they exist and sad that I’m not constantly around them all.

I deal with this by telling as many people as I can about them.




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3 responses to “Know No Stranger

  1. MishMashMush

    The Green Suit photo is a new high water mark for blogs.

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