Mighty Wallet

So, my wallet has been on it’s way out for a long time. I bought it for cheap at the only store in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky. It served me well for many years.

I knew that it was time to replace it,but I’m not the kind of guy to take steps backward. I’m not going to get something of equal or lesser value just to replace it. If something breaks, look for an improvement instead of a simple replacement. I thought about making a leather one, but nothing ever really materialized.

So a thanks goes out to some cool dudes in Boston for introducing me to the Mighty Wallet by Dynomighty Design. The wallets are made of Tyvek, a strong textile made from recycled plastic that’s near impossible to destroy but looks and feels like paper.

I know that I’m going to put this thing through a lot, so I’m psyched if it’s as tough as they say it is.


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