Wisdom and Spices

I heard this years ago.

“If knowledge is the food, wisdom is the spices.”

Raw information about the world can be nourishing. Examination and reflection over time is how we can make use of that information. How we can make it come alive.

At the same time, it can get too potent. Endless reflection gets irrelevantly deep without being tied to any reality. It’s a dry curry blend in a bowl.

This ties into how I think about creative art. Music, drawing, writing. It never made sense to me that someone could exclusively create in just one medium without being involved in anything else. It’s hard to think of just playing music all day, just writing, just drawing. If you’re not out there in the world to be influenced and molded by your life, to have creations be inspired and realized through you, then your creations lose a connection with reality and start to become irrelevant and esoteric.

So, I don’t experience life in the hopes that it will pay off creatively. I don’t hike trails to fill up my creative gas tank and get some more musical mileage. I try to experience life in such a way that I cannot help but create.


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