God Resides in Cheese Shop!

At least I think so.

With the farmer’s markets gig, I’ve had a lot of opportunities to check out one specific block in Boston, but I still hadn’t seen much of the city until recently when Allison’s near-sister, Rachel, came to visit.

I was working the market by the Prudential center and Allison was picking up Rachel at the Boston airport. We didn’t think we’d ever have an opportunity to just hang around Boston for an evening again, so we made dinner plans at the north end.

Turns out, that was a really good idea.

Apart from hand made pasta, wood fired pizza, tarts, macaroons, and cupcakes, there was a small deli that i believe may be the coolest thing in the world. Like, out of every and any thing.

It’s dark, it’s small, and a couple of nice boys sell you fantastic smoked meats and cheeses.

These are two hunks of mozzarella, one hickory smoked and one plain. The shop was filled with things like this! Slabs of bacon! Salt-cured hams! Pickle Barrel! Baskets of bread! My jaw hurt from gaping after fifteen minutes. This experience confirmed two things for me:

  • I will never be Vegan.
  • I will learn how to cure meat and cheese.

Imagine! A room filled with salted hams, peppered salami, and smoked Gouda, all laced up in twine nets, patiently waiting for their calling. Just bake the bread and cancel every other plan.

Someday soon, I hope.


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