Lessons about Salsa

I won’t say that it was heartbreaking, or even that surprising.

At first, it was a bit strange to hear. Hollow sounding, not in a terrifying way, but just that I hadn’t mentally prepared for it. Then I started laughing, realizing that it was exactly what I needed.

Ok, I’ll back up a bit.

Last Friday, Kevin and I finally took on what was to be the competition-grade batch of salsa for the much anticipated Wakefield Farmer’s Market.

We decided to go the scientific route again and make several batches. One was a fairly plain mix of tomatoes, onion, cilantro, lime, salt, nutritional yeast, and chili powder. We removed some of that mix and added avocados and cumin for the second batch. For the last batch, we took the original mix and added just a touch of apple cider vinegar to it. After much deliberation, we decided on the original mix as the best representation of a mild salsa.

So, day of the judging and I’m a little nervous. There are seven people total in the competition, and I’m frantically adding more fresh cilantro to make sure it has a good flavor. Finally, they call the salsas in and I have to let my baby go out into the world. The winner is announced and it’s a suave looking, mid twenties guy with a ponytail and aviator sunglasses. I probably would’ve blushed and giggled a lot if I’d tried to talk to him.

I took a look at the scoreboard later and found out that our salsa had gotten last place.

So, first all of that stuff in the introduction.

Then, Laughter.

I started chuckling, then wide mouth guffawing, at how much ego I had put into this salsa. “Man, this is so good! I’m gonna blow everyone away!” Now ere I was with my ego and a lot of left over salsa. It was actually a really peaceful moment. I had politely been nudged off a pedestal I was building for myself.

At the end of it all, I’m super happy to get schooled and I’m excited for making the next batch.


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