Back From School

Earlier this month, I went to the two week residency period that marks the beginning of my latest semester at Goddard College in Vermont. It’s a pretty intense period of personal reflection and goal setting mixed with a lot of good music and dancing and coffee. Since everyone is in the same mental space (the “What am I going to work on this semester that I feel really passionate about? category) it makes for an interesting environment. Lot’s of interesting conversations over lots of great food (shout out to Lylee!).

There’s too much to go into detail on everything, so it’s bullet time. Here are some things I came back with…

  1. This electric typewriter.

Many thanks to Jacob Mushlin for finding this in a dumpster and not needing it. It’s working like a charm.

2. A set of bones

Many thanks to Hadley Gaylord for having a cow graveyard at his farm and to Paul Smith for taking me up there to collect these.

So, why are these cool?

Well, seeing is believing. When cut to the right length, they can be rattled in one hand to make rhythms that sound a lot like clogging or tap dancing. So, with something about the size of a wallet, I’ve got a rag time snare drum. I’m still practicing on long drives (one hand still on the wheel, I swear) but I can get a pretty consistent triplet rhythm and now I’m just building confidence. Once I get to that point, I hope to start using these in music more often.

3.  Cool winter gear!

I had some consignment credit at the Outdoor Gear Exchange in Burlington, VT so I swung by (?!) to see what there was. There happened to be a tent sale going on and their consigned gear is super cheap, so I ended up getting a 3-liter camelbak bag with the bladder, a pair of wool mitten-gloves (MiLoves), and a good had for around twenty dollars. It was awesome.

And that’s just the material things.

I also finished a couple of songs that I’d been working on for a while, got to dance a whole lot, learn about hand-drilling fires and pine tinctures, roasted a Turkey for an excellent Canadian Thanksgiving feast, and generally got to see a whole bunch of people that I don’t get to very often and miss a whole bunch.

Here’s looking forward to the next round.


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