Making Music

Whoa! Hi!

I’m not going to talk about how long it’s been. Not gonna do it.

SO… I just got these.

One is a super nice instrument mic and the other is a super nice vocal mic. Well, I guess I should say that that they look super nice. I haven’t tried them out yet because I don’t have mic cables right now, but I’M IMPULSIVE, YES I KNOW.

This recent purchase was mostly spawned by a couple of recent hand overs.

This beauty…

It calls itself a tone port and connects mics and 1/4″ cables to my computer via USB, which WAY trumps my previous efforts of trying to record with a webcam. So long unintentional overdrive! It did take some installing of sound editing software (Audacity, which can be downloaded for free Here) which was all open source and free and, admittedly, not the greatest thing. But, hey, I think it’s going to be a OK. It’s certainly a step up.

Also, there’s this!

You see!? Technology negates friends once again! So long as I only design songs that slowly build up, this can be my whole band! It wants a zero percent cut! It’s an intern!

Both of these came from my buddy Sam, who just got married recently.


I really like that picture and I really like Sam. He’s a writer and a musician and an artist and a damn fine friend. And soon I’ll be able to write a song about all of that and record it on these silky smooth new devices.

Granted, I’m still needing an amp and some cables, but I’ve committed to finally getting a setup together. Ideally, I want my living space to be a collection of different workshop areas. Tools for wood, tools for metal, tools for soil, tools for sound, tools for food.

I’m excited to almost have enough sound tools to have music be a part of this project.


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